Grilling Tips

I Switched to a Pellet Grill

I used to think pellet grills were cheating. If you didn’t have to tend to the BBQ all day, making slight adjustments to the vents, you weren’t really a BBQ artist. If I’m being honest with myself, that was just a good excuse to drink beer all day on the back porch. At the end…

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  April 6, 2020

3 Options for Lighting Charcoal

I love my Looftlighter but I’m not always close to an electrical outlet when I am grilling with charcoal. This video shows 3 other techniques for lighting your charcoal. Although the torch looks fun, my go-to is a balled up paper towel soaked in cooking oil. Any cooking oil will do and paper towels are…

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  May 8, 2019

Key and Peele: Kobe Beef Burgers

I really miss the Key and Peele show, they are hilarious. In this skit, we see what happens when a guy manning the grill throws the $39/pound Kobe burgers on right next to the frozen patties. I about lost it when he smacked the ketchup out of his hand and ran around steeling back his…

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  May 3, 2019

Catch and Grill Your Own Shrimp; Taiwan’s Shrimp Bars

I could really get into this, a marriage of my two obsessions of fishing and grilling (looks like they serve beer too, so that’s a trifecta). There are bars in Taiwan that allow you to catch and cook your own shrimp. As the video says, “pool to table” seafood. Of course, I would probably get…

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  May 2, 2019

Seafood Vendor Grills Tuna Steaks with a Blow Torch

We catch blackfin tuna here in Florida and we will often take some soy sauce to the cleaning table and have a few pieces while filleting the fish. Nothing beats fresh tuna and nothing ruins it like over-cooking. The video below shows a Japanese seafood vendor who has come up with a pretty low tech…

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  April 26, 2019

Video: 5 Steak Grilling Tips

Did you know cows outnumber humans 4 to 1 in Uruguay? I’ll have to find a way to drop that new knowledge in a random conversation today. This new video from USA Today features 5 steak grilling tips from Uruguayan chef Lucia Soria. Some of these tips are controversial. For example, I don’t personally think…

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  April 24, 2019

Smoking Lunch in a Hollow Tree

I thought I was doing a good job with “reduce, reuse, recycle” by building my own BBQ smoker out of an old drum. These guys take that concept to a whole new level by roasting and smoking their lunch in an old, hollow tree. The tree is hollow throughout so they were even able to…

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  April 23, 2019

How a Grill Flavors a Steak

I got halfway through this video from Saveur Magazine before I realized there were subtitles with big words explaining how various grill fuels flavor your meat. Something about the sizzling fat, even at 6:30AM, had me mesmerized. If I were to nitpick, I’d say the gas grill does add a little flavor through the same…

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  April 23, 2019

Street Vendor Machine Grilling Lots of Lamb Skewers

I just recently surfaced from exactly 4 minutes and 23 seconds of daydreaming thanks to this video from Italy Street Food. I don’t know about you, but I can almost smell that beautiful fat as it melts onto the coals below, producing a magical aroma. I’m also now obsessing about what else I could grill…

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  April 22, 2019