About Us

Grilling Companion is the online grilling and barbecue magazine that was born from a small idea to “try something” and has grown into an obsession.   Two guys that are self proclaimed technology and food geeks have brought their passions together to bring you recipes, news and tips about everything related to outdoor cooking.

Steve Wilson


steveFather and husband who often smells of smoke or fish (usually both) and owns very few shirts without stains.  More specifically, I grew up in the Tampa Bay area (there aren’t many of us natives) and went to college at the University of South Florida (GO BULLS!).  If you don’t see me spending time at home with my awesome wife and two sons, I am probably out on the water somewhere, coaching youth sports or tailgating in a parking lot.  I am the youngest of 3 boys so I had to eat whatever was put in front of me, which I think explains why I am really into all kinds of food.  I like to grill or smoke pretty much anything and everything and am fortunate to have a family that is patient enough to wait 10 minutes before each dinner so I can take photos of our meal.



tomI’m a software engineer by training, but perform duties of executive chef in my house at night (and top dish washer).  I live in Tampa, Florida with a wonderful wife and two boys.  I’ve traveled throughout the world, experiencing the wonderful variety of culture and food.  From Chicago hot dogs under the ‘L’ to North Carolina pulled pork to fresh crêpes on the streets of Paris, I have tasted all that came across my plate.  I love to travel and usually like to pick destinations where food is a focus of the trip (loved Italy). I’ve taken numerous cooking courses and classes, and have found my love in outdoor cooking where I can relax over a hot grill and a cold beer with friends and family.