Homemade Pizza

Gourmet Pizza ready for the grillIf you have kids or are just looking for an alternative to greasy delivery, homemade pizza is the way to go. A healthier, cheaper alternative is to cook the pizza on the grill. Cooking pizza on the grill is a lot easier than you might think. Our grilled pizza recipes show you how to make pizza with the freshest ingredients and perfectly crisp crust.

If cooking a pizza directly on the grill is too adventurous, our recipes include alternative cooking methods. The goal is to enjoy fresh ingredients cooked to perfection without all the grease. Next time your family is in the mood for pizza, don’t pick up the phone and order a greasy delivery pizza. Make a homemade pizza everyone can help put together and grill to perfection.

Follow Grilling Companion’s recipes and tips to cook a much healthier and cheaper pizza on the grill. Grilled pizza makes for a great Friday evening at home with the family!

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