Walmart Steak-over Challenge

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I stopped by my local Walmart the other day to check out the Walmart Steak-over Challenge where local firefighters compete to cook up the best steaks. I took my 2 young boys along because my wife was traveling that day, plus they love steak and firetrucks just as much as I do. I got to taste some great steaks, got a free sample of A1 Bold Original Dry Rub, and got to check out some firetrucks up close. Not a bad way to spend my Saturday afternoon with the boys. I also caught up with some friends from Kingsford, who were also sponsors of the event.

As it turns out, Paramedic Sergio Leon from Station 8 narrowly beat Captain Gary May (Station 13) with his Classic Tampa Bay Rib-eyes.

If you don’t have anything to do on the upcoming weekends, check out the Walmart Steak-over at your local Walmart.

  • Atlanta, Ga.: April 20
  • Kansas City, Mo.: April 27
  • Houston, Texas: May 4
  • Indianapolis, Ind.: May 11
  • Los Angeles: Week of May 20

MORE INFO:  Visit for steak-grilling tips and recipes from all participating firehouses.

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