Grilled Shrimp

shrimp-recipes-Lime-Ginger-ShrimpDo I need to de-vein? Shell or unshelled? These are all questions we can help you answer as part of our delicious grilled shrimp recipes and tips. In our Great Shell Debate, we put the grilled shrimp shell test to work and the results are delicious. We also explore different de-veining results and butterfly techniques to see what works best with marinades as well in our shrimp recipes.

There are also hundreds of species of shrimp in the world, but we know from experience pink shrimp from the Gulf of Mexico have much better flavor than farm raised shrimp. What else have we learned about grilling shrimp? Check out more of our shrimp recipes and don’t forget to download our app so we are with you right at the grill!

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Shrimp Teriyaki on the Grill

I'm usually a "no shells" guy when it comes to grilled shrimp. I'd prefer to just eat them right off of the stick, all Caveman style and what-not. This shrimp teriyaki marinade contains a lot of sugar though, which tends to caramelize quickly over high heat, so those shells really save the day by p...