Thermoworks DOT Meat Thermometer Review

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Thermoworks sent us another box of temperature measuring toys to play with this week. We have already reviewed and loved (I use the Thermapen almost daily) a few of their products, so I am always excited to see what they have coming out next. One of the products they sent this week is the new DOT meat thermometer. This is a super simple thermometer that works with a wide variety of probes also made by Thermoworks. The DOT doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles as the Chef Alarms, like the high and low temperature monitoring, but that is what I love about it. With the DOT, you simply set your target temperature, plug in the probe, insert the probe in the meat and stick the DOT to a nearby metal surface. When the alarm beeps, you are done.

I talked about this in the ChefAlarm review, but the probes are usually what make or break (usually break) these remote, probe style meat thermometers for me. The DOT comes with one of their great high temp straight probes. I have had a few brands that have really crappy probes that short out in just a few cooks. Once the probe is gone, the thermometer is not much use and I get sick of having to re-order probes. The Thermoworks probes are really high quality and have a rating of up to 700 degrees, but the DOT will only read up to 572 degrees (what are people cooking to 500 degrees?). I have yet to have one fail on me, they just seem to be higher quality than a lot of the other brands.

At $39, the DOT is a nice and simple little meat thermometer for the kitchen or grill. Since Thermoworks sent me the Chef Alarm, I find myself using these probe thermometers more often. They come in pretty handy even with smaller cuts of meat when you have side dishes to make. Just set the DOT to your desired temp and work on the sides until the DOT tells you the meat is done. The short probe that comes with he DOT is perfect for the smaller cuts too.

Support and buy your DOT using this link. See how crappy my grill’s paint job is looking in the photo above? We can use the support!


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