Another Addition to the Tailgater’s Dream File, the Freedom Grill FG-900

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I have talked about how I have been dreaming of my ultimate tailgating setup, well here’s another candidate for my dreams.  Freedom Grill has had a pretty nice tailgating grill out for a while.  Their flagship grill hooks (and locks) into a standard towing hitch, so it’s very convenient for tailgating.  Well the good folks at Freedom just came out with something for the more serious of portable grillers, the FG-900.  This bad boy is actually a trailer setup, complete with a huge storage cooler for drinks and meats-not-yet-seared.  I love the little touches on this thing, including the flagpole holder.  We have had a few “TIMBEEEER!” moments in the past, where someone had to dive to keep our pole from taking out the car next to us (which is somehow always a brand new Escalade or similar expensive vehicle).

At $10,000, this thing is obviously for the serious tailgaters and caterers.  I could almost justify that much money if it had a TV and porta-potty, like the Gameday Customs trailers.  Being able to skip the 30 minute line at the porta-jons is priceless…


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