Ultimate Tailgating Rigs

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Football season is finally here!  We are season ticket holders for the South Florida Bulls (Go Bulls!).  Our section of seats includes 32 friends, so we have a great time tailgating.  Our tailgating setup includes multiple coolers, a grill, tent…the standard gear.  While I have never felt like we are lacking for gear, I can’t help but be jealous of some of the setups I see while walking into the stadium.  So I started dreaming about what our tailgating would look like if I had unlimited funds (and the green light from the wife).

I have narrowed down my dream tailgating setups to two different vendors.  First up is a combination grill, cooler and stereo package from the aptly named www.ultimatetailgating.com.  This setup is sweet and they even thought about including a rechargeable 12 volt system for the stereo!  The whole thing attaches to a standard 2 inch hitch, making it easy to transport to and from the tailgating grounds:

I really thought I was done dreaming once I found that option, but then I found the Gameday Custom Trailers website.  Yeah, a built-in grill and cooler setup is pretty standard, but what’s the one annoyance that is common to every stadium in America?  Porta-potties and their never ending lines!  Gameday’s trailers not only include a porta-potty, but also a TV, stereo system, beer on tap…all riding in an enclosed trailer.  When you are ready to go into the stadium, just secure everything in the trailer and take off!

A man can dream, can’t he?


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