Freeze, Chicken!

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File this under the “why didn’t I think about that” folder.  The Kitchn is a site I follow religiously in my Google Reader.  Today they they published this quick tip about shredding and freezing leftover chicken for later use in other recipes.  As they point out, shredding the chicken prior to freezing allows it to thaw quicker when you need it.  This simple idea will really stretch my leftovers and save me when I want to make a quick meal for the family like chicken quesadillas, stir fry, enchiladas, etc.  As you can tell from our site, we are fans of chicken from the simple grilled chicken breast, to chicken wings, even whole chickens.  From now on you can bet I’ll be loading up the freezer with all of my leftovers!

Read the original article here in The Kitchn…


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