Cuisinart Grilling Platter with Removable Handle, Great Idea!

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I may just be overly excitable this morning, but this product has me fired up.  We raved about our favorite grilling basket before, and that Weber basket is perfect for grilling vegetables.  The deep sides of the basket cut down on the occurrences of veggie AWOL.  The only complaint I have had though is that to remove the basket, I need to put on 2 oven mitts and move fast so I don’t remove all of the hair on my arms.

This morning I found the perfect solution.  This Cuisinart grilling platter is not only stainless (like our Weber basket), but it also has a removable handle!  The handle securely locks into place when you need to move the basket and then detaches so that you can close the lid during grilling.  Once you are done, pop that nice and cool handle back on and remove the platter with little risk of searing your arms!  I’ll still use the Weber basket for most veggies, but I think this platter will come in useful for a lot of recipes, especially for grilling fish.


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