Alma Mae’s Mambo Sauce

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Like any American griller and BBQ’er, I love to try different sauces.  People love to tell other’s about their favorite sauces as well.  Alma Mae’s Mambo Sauce is one of those sauces that someone told me about a while back, but I forgot them because I couldn’t find out how to get ahold of a bottle.  Looks like they now have an online store, so I am going to purchase a bottle and see what all of the fuss is about.  Their about page tells a pretty good story about how the original recipe was found among heirlooms of the estate, in the form of a letter from 1837, and then recreated over time.  I love to hear the history of sauces, even if it was an accident created over a few beers.

Check out Mambo sauce when you get a chance, I’ll post a review if it is as delicious as I have been told.  Let us know if you try it.


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