Top Eleven Ways to Celebrate Dad as “King of the Grill”

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Here’s a dirty little secret for all of you wives, sons and daughters out there.  We men, we Fathers, actually enjoy grilling your dinner.  I know we make it out to be a chore, but we love to be out there spreading smoke around the neighborhood.  So as Fathers, we wanted to make a few suggestions this Father’s Day.  Here are 11 ways to help Dad feel the love as he “toils” over the hot coals.

  1. Put Dad’s favorite drink on ice in a cooler near the grill. Whether it’s beer, soda, or brewed iced tea, it’s always better when it’s been chillin’ on ice for an hour or two.
  2. Be the “Sous-Chef.” That means you’re second in command and taking orders from Dad. You’ll need to get all the ingredients ahead of time for his favorite meal. We recommend filet mignon and lobster tails.
  3. Nothing works up an appetite like cooking, so have an appetizer to keep Dad’s stomach from growling while he is working over the hot coals.  We highly recommend homemade guacamole and chips.
  4. Be prepared. Make sure Dad has enough gas or charcoal for the day.
  5. Surprise him with new grilling accessories.  You might what to try our favorite grill basket.
  6. Heck, buy him a new grill.  The whole family benefits from a purchase like this!  Here at Grilling Companion, we can personally vouch for the Weber  Summit S-470.
  7. Make his life easier by downloading Grill-It!  – a mobile app that provides great new recipes for grilling.
  8. Consider giving Dad a back rub while cooking.  Most Dads won’t complain.  Just a warning — don’t distract him to the point where he burns everything.
  9. Help with the fixin’s. Set the table. Prepare side dishes and a salad. And, of course, Dad’s favorite dessert! Leave Dad to a preparation of all food involving the open flame.
  10. Clean up afterwards.  That includes making sure that all the grilling accessories are clean and put back where Dad likes them.
  11. Celebrate. Rave over the results.  “Best ribs I’ve ever eaten!”  Even if it isn’t exactly true.  Make Dad beam with pride.


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