Completely Unscientific Father’s Day Grilling Statistics

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Grilling Companion has done what we do best, completely un-scientific research that gives us an excuse to hang out on the porch. In this case, we brought a laptop with us (and a few refreshments) and rolled back the clocks to Father’s Day weekend 2011 to take a look at what grilling appreciation people were showing for their Fathers (in the form of website traffic). The resulting data we found was pretty predictable. If we were your Mothers, we wouldn’t let you leave the table this Father’s Day until you put something green in your mouth (and then showed us you actually swallowed it). Lets take a look at the data:
  • 37% of visitors were looking for ideas and instructions on how to grill or smoke red meat. In related data, 99.7% of my grill was occupied last Father’s Day with red meat. I have to give .3% to the marinade ingredients
  • 18% were looking to grill seafood. Some of you have great taste and need to invite us over this Father’s Day, a lot of lobsters lost their lives (and their tails) to feed you last year.
  • 14% were interested in grilled or barbecued pork. That’s what I am talking about! Most of you were grilling ribs, what better way to spend the entire day??
  • 9% were after grilled or smoked chicken. Just as I suspected, the kids had to eat something…
  • Only 4% cared enough about their veggies to search the site. I think this scenario played out as follows. The tray of meat was brought into the house from the patio and Mom asked “what are we going to eat with it?” You casually played it off and tried to reach for the bag of frozen peas in the freezer. When that didn’t work, you quickly ran to the store and grabbed about 15 ears of corn (number 1 veggie article last year) and threw those on the grill, trying to pretend like spending another hour on the patio watching baseball was additional “work”.
As I said, the day was pretty predictable.  Predictable because it corresponds with my grilling habits as well.  It is Father’s Day weekend though, so I can eat what I want!  Those veggies will still be at the produce stand next week.
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