Thermapen Mk4 Meat Thermometer Review

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We did a Thermapen review in the past, so you know how big of a fan we are. I can’t believe there was room for improvement, but I’m not as smart as those thermometer geniuses are Thermoworks. Did da Vinci feel the need to create a blonde Mona Lisa? Did Vince Gilligan think he needed to make ‘Breaking Badder’? No! They didn’t, because they knew they created masterpieces! So why would the temperature measuring gurus from Thermoworks think they needed to make the Thermapen MK4 when they already had a meat thermometer masterpiece in the original Thermapen? I had no idea, until I tried it and I’m glad they felt they had more to give to the world.

My original Thermapen gets more use than all of the other grilling gadgets in my arsenal combined. I literally use it every time I grill. Why rely on hunches and pushing on the meat when I can get temperature confirmation in 3 seconds? The new Thermapen MK4 provides the same fast, almost instant temperature readings in a unit that never needs to be calibrated. Seriously, I’ve had it for a few years now and I check using the ice bath method regularly and it has NEVER been off. The new Thermapen MK4 also adds some more conveniences like an intelligent back light (finally!!!), auto-rotating display (who reads upside down?), motion-sensing sleep mode (looking at my wife here, who likes to leave it open after cleaning to drain the battery) and now completely waterproof, which is awesome since I tend to leave everything outside by the grill until after dinner + a few days.

Click here to purchase the Thermapen MK4 from Thermoworks.

After using the preview version Thermoworks sent me, I can tell you the backlight alone is worth the few extra bucks. My grill light never works, so now I don’t have to hold a flashlight in one hand and my Thermapen in the other to check temps.

Don’t need the new features of the Thermapen MK4? That’s cool, you can still get the awesome, original Thermapen for the reduced price of $79 right here. Still an awesome meat thermometer, just not quite as awesomest as the Thermapen MK4!


  1. […] me when my meat hit my desired temp. Accuracy-wise, I found it to be within 3 degrees of the Thermapen each time I checked, close enough that I won’t second guess it next time. Overall, it was great. […]


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