The GrillGun Charcoal Starter

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There are a lot of options for charcoal starters these days. Electric blowers, torches, chimneys, etc. This Kickstarter project is one of the latest and has over 3500 backers as of this post. As many people point out in the comments, there are many propane torches for sale for a lot cheaper from stores like Harbor Freight. The inventor claims the GrillGun is made with better components, is more comfortable to operate and even has a shorter “barrel” option for searing meat. What do you all think? Worth backing?

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  1. Paul Haak says:

    This certainly looks like an un-needed piece of equipment. I have been grilling with charcoal for many years, and ever since I tried a Weber chimney I have used nothing else. Fast, clean, and works every time.


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