Spice Gun

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spicegunEveryone knows I am a sucker for gadgets.  This one checks off all my qualifications for a great gimmick gadget.  Spices…check, compressed air…check, gimmick…check, potential for bad Dirty Harry jokes…check.   I could see myself actually using this thing if it works.  I have read a few reviews for this device where people have actually tried to justify uses for this thing.  One reviewer said it can “shoot spices into the cavity of a chicken so that you don’t contaminate your hands”.  Please, let’s be honest, it’s just a cool little gadget!  I’ll wear this thing in my belt while I am grilling.  Need salt and pepper?  Sweet, let me blast that thing for you.  I want to check out the range on this thing.  I love the thought of raining fresh ground pepper down from across the table.

Like many of the best gadgets out there, I can’t really find a place to buy this thing.  Maybe it’s just a concept at this point.  If so, someone needs to pull the trigger on this thing and get it to market (there, I used a pun, now I am like everyone else that reviewed this thing…).


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