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The Holiday season is upon us.  Hard to believe, given the fact that it is 80 degrees in Florida right now, but Christmas is just a few weeks away.  That means Holiday potluck parties and the perfect excuse to pig out on cheesy casseroles!  What is the worst thing that can happen at such a party?  Running out of food, right?  Most people create some sort of spreadsheet to track who is bringing what, but ThingToBring.com is a much easier way to make sure your potluck has enough gooey goodness to go around.  I have talked before about using the site and to create a sign up sheet for cookouts and tailgates, but it also comes in handy this time of the year to create a potluck sign up sheet to track who is bringing what dish to your Holiday party.

Check out this article explaining how to use the site and Thing2Bring for iPhone to create and track who is bringing what to the potluck.  As the article explains, it is also handy for sharing recipes for the dishes you are enjoying at those parties.  Got to have that recipe for the scalloped potatoes you just gorged on?  Just pull up the link to the sign up sheet after the party and click through to get the recipe.  Now you have a great dish to claim as your own (we won’t tell) for next week’s potluck dinner!  Register for free, create your sign up and start tracking who is bringing what to the party.  Make sure you use the feedback button on the right to suggest features or changes while it is in Beta.

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    Thanksgiving Pot Luck Sign Up Sheet for Group 4


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