New Green Charcoal

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Hey all you charcoal grillers, be on the look out for this new product called Coshell Charcoal.  This product uses waste coconut shells instead of trees to product charcoal that allegedly burns hotter and longer than traditional charcoal.  According to thier facts page, more than 20 types of trees are cut down to produce wood charcoal, they even provide a chart with all of the types of trees here.  Coshell, on the other hand, recycles coconut shells to produce their charcoal (where the heck do they get all of those shells in NY??).  The result is a product that is much “greener” than the traditional charcoal products.

Looks like their site is pretty young and I can’t seem to figure out how to buy their product (not the best business plan), but it’s an interesting concept nonetheless.  Keep an eye on their site for availability.


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