Take the Poll, Infrared Grills

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This is something I have been interested about for a while.  Infrared burners are popping up in a lot of the new gas grills, thus causing the price to “pop up” as well in most cases.  I have two kids and a pretty small gadget fund right now, so I haven’t taken the plunge to see if infrared really makes a difference.  I follow Derrick from bbq.about.com on Twitter so that I can live vicariously through him.  This guy’s job is to review grilling products, go to grilling shows, etc.  How cool is that?  I digress….Derrick has now put out a poll to determine his reader’s opinion on infrared.  Is infrared really worth the extra money?  Is it a gimmick?  Will it help you prepare the best grilled steak in the world?  Take the poll and follow the results here.

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