Mr. Okra

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This video pretty much made my day.  I love this kind of documentary.  Mr. Okra pretty much sums up the foundation for good food:

“Ain’t no use in cookin’ if you ain’t gonna cook with fresh food…cause you can taste the difference, if you know anything about food.”

“You gotta put somethin in it so you can get that good taste and stuff out of it…you can’t just jump up and say ‘I can cook’…it’s provin’ it!”

Mr. Okra knows a thing or two about fresh fruits and vegetables.  Who’s Mr. Okra?  Think about your neighborhood ice cream man, complete with the loud horn, but this guy is selling fruit and vegetables.   I think Mr. Okra has it all figured out “I love my truck….and I love what I do”, I’m seriously jealous.  It would be worth a trip to New Orleans just to buy something from this man and sit down for a chat.

“Be nice or leave” is written on his truck, like I said, he’s got it all figured out.


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