How to Test Your Meat Thermometer Calibration

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We love the Thermapen instant read digital thermometer to check our meat.  This thing is the Cadillac (or whatever you consider the top of the line these days) of the meat thermometer world as far as we are concerned.  Even a Cadillac needs a tune-up every now and then though, right?  Well, the folks at Thermapen claim that isn’t so with their thermometers.  I have to say, I haven’t found that they are off either yet, but I still like to check just to make sure.

Lucky for us, the same folks at Thermapen shared this great video on how to test your meat thermometer in a proper ice bath.  That part where he shows the thermometer reading in the 50’s in an improper ice bath was me one time with the Thermapen’s younger, but still awesome, brother the Thermapen.  I thought I had a bum thermometer, until I realized I didn’t know what I didn’t know about ice baths.

So if you feel the need to check the calibration on your meat thermometer, check out this video and thank the Thermoworks folks for showing us the proper way to make an ice bath:


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  1. […] years now and I still don’t even know how to calibrate the thing because it never has failed the ice bath calibration test. So given my love for the Thermapen, I was pretty pumped when Thermoworks sent me their ChefAlarm […]


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