Chevy V8 Grill

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Chevy V8 Grill by Trent Whatley

Chevy V8 Grill by Trent Whatley

Got a plasma cutter that isn’t getting a lot of work these days?  How about an old Chevy V8 taking up room in the garage?  If this  sounds like your house, why not build something useful?  Trent Whatley decided to do just that this Summer and created a grill out of an old Chevy V8.  I can’t even imagine the ammount of time it took to create this thing, but it looks pretty sweet.  I’d love to see that thing mounted on a hitch and heading down the highway to go tailgating.  If you decide to take something like this on, remember Trent’s most important tip, remove the excess fuel from the carburetor because without doing that “you’re making yourself a nice little bomb”.

Read more about it here.


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