ManCave Meatings, Because You Felt Obligated?

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We’ve all been there, you get home after a long day and the wife informs you that she has to go to her friend’s house for the evening because they are having another one of those Tupperware/Candle/Pampered Chef parties.  She really makes it seem like this miserable time, but she feels obligated and has no choice but to show up.  A few hours later she returns, maybe smelling a little of wine, with some $100 thingy we never knew we needed.  She just had to buy something since they fed her, she felt obligated, right?

I ran across a new concept the other day that made me think that wives have had this figured out for a while and we have been happily going along with the charade for far too long.  I am now convinced that ManCave Wordlwide is to men what Tupperware is to women, an excuse to get away from the house for a few hours, drink a few coctails and tell stories!  ManCave representatives throw similar parties called “meatings” for men only and try to sell meat, grilling products, craft beers and other manly items.

At first, this seemed like another pyramid scheme, another company that convinces people to nag every person they know to let them have a party at their house.  All you have to do is sign up 20 people you know and you can be rich!  You know the drill by now…Then I started to realize how much potential there is in this concept!  Imagine turning the tables on the wives, coming home on a Friday afternoon and saying “oh, I forgot to mention, Bob is having another one of those dang meatings tonight.  I told Larry I would go with him, so I guess I better show up”.  You make it sound like the worst thing in the world and do your best to suppress the excitement to go drink delicious beers and consume some amazing grilled meat.  “I hate to go to these things, but I feel obligated to show up”.  A few hours later, you come home stuffed with steak and beer, holding a brand new spatula and a sack of ground Buffalo.  You tell your wife that Bob fed you, so what were you supposed to do, you tried to buy the cheapest thing there just because you felt obligated

What do you think?  Thinly disguised gimmick, or brilliant idea to get together with the guys?  I’m convinced of the latter…

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