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Although burgers may seem like the grilling staple and are easy to make, there are definitely best practices we have learned to ensure you don’t dry out or burn your burgers. Like many other grilling recipes, it’s best to slow down and pay attention to details and technique to achieve burger grilling deliciousness.

Let Grilling Companion show you how to grill hamburgers the right way with our tips for the perfect burgers. Using our years of grilling experience, we break down the key factors in grilling hamburger perfection; from seasoning to grilling times and secrets to keeping as much of the natural juiciness as possible. Once you get used to the basics, we have put together some of the most delicious burger recipes to keep grilling burgers exciting and keep your family and guests coming back for more.

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Tips on How to Cook Perfect Hamburgers on a Grill

Let's step back and talk about how to grill hamburgers the right way. You see, hamburgers may seem easy to make, but I have choked down far too many dried out and burnt disks of beef than I care to remember.

Cocoa and Coffee Crusted Hamburgers

Are you tired of the same old, delicious, burger recipes? No? Me neither. Just checking. I don’t think I have ever met a burger I wasn’t ready to inhale. Having said that, here is something a little different to impress your taste buds and friends.