BBQ Pitmasters on TLC, Myron Breaks Traditional Rules

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Finally getting around to the massive DVR queue at home.  BBQ Pitmasters debuted last week on TLC and even my wife, who is not as obsessed as me about BBQ, found it entertaining.  By far, the most entertaining character on that show is Myron Mixon from Jack’s Old South.  Let’s just say Myron is VERY confident in his chances to win every competition.  That confidence is backed up too, because he apparently wins a lot.

The most interesting part of the show was Myron’s technique.  He basically breaks most of the traditional rules I have heard about BBQ.  First of  all, he literally uses an entire bottle of lighter fluid to get his coals burning!  It’s funny to watch the other competitors faces while he is emptying the whole bottle.  Myron also only smokes his brisket for around 3.5 hours, as opposed to the 8+ hours of the other competitors!  As Myron points out, using good quality meat is the key to his brisket.  Myron uses Wagyu beef, so yeah, it’s good (expensive) stuff.

Here’s a quick bio of Myron, you can get a sense for how entertaining this guy would be to watch:

Check out the video here also, click on Myron’s BBQ Tactics…

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