The Meat Hook, Obsessed with their Sausages

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I love entertaining food videos.  Mr. Okra (I got collard greens!) may be my all time favorite, but these guys make sausage making pretty entertaining.  They are obsessed with making sausage and I am equally obsessed with eating sausage, so it’s a win-win.  There’s something fascinatingly gross about watching someone working with the casing for sausages, but I still love to eat them.  If you are anywhere near their butcher shop, looks like it would be worth the drive to pick up some really delicious sausage.  Damn, that green chorizo sounds freakin’ awesome.  Looks like they ship, so I may have to have the USPS go get me some…

Shit-Talking & Sausage Making: Just Another Day at The Meat Hook from SkeeterNYC on Vimeo.


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