The Man Registry, It’s About Time!

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Riddle me this, what was your favorite gift you received from your wedding?  Can’t remember?  Exactly!  I know we got about 50 plates and platters, most of which I am not even allowed to eat off of.  Sure, there were plenty of things that (my wife said) we needed, but I can’t recall anything really cool or manly from that day.

The ManRegistry is a site just for men to pick out gifts WE want to get on our wedding day (or for the bachelor party).  You’ll find some gifts there like grills, remote beer coolers, fryers…you know, stuff we men will actually use more than that one Holiday a year when we make our family think we actually eat off of the china they gave us for our wedding.  There are also groomsmen and prank gift ideas, obviously important considerations for our part of the experience.

Check out this hilarious video promo:


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