Perfect Flame (Lowe’s) Gas Grill Recall

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These seem to pop up a lot lately for the cheaper lines of grill sold at the “box” stores, hmm, see a pattern? I think I actually have one of these models, so I will update this post as I learn how to get the replacement lid and burners. Jump over to the Consumer Product Safety Commission to read all of the details. The only thing I really needed to read there were the models and the fact that the LIDS HAVE CAUGHT ON FIRE IN SOME INSTANCES.  Yikes!

UPDATE 11/20:  Called (888) 840-9590 and they are mailing a form to fill out (why can’t that be online?).  The lady said “please refrain from using your grill until you get the replacement parts”.

UPDATE 12/6:  Still no letter/form from Lowe’s (2 weeks).  Glad my grill hasn’t melted yet :).

UPDATE 12/9:  I received the 1 page form in the mail this week.  Remarkably, they included an email address, so that I could fill out the form, scan it and send it in.  I say remarkably because it blows my mind that they can receive email.  I assumed that since they were sending all of the forms via “snail mail” that they were living in 1993.  Why, again, couldn’t I just download the single page form?  Oh well, they say the parts will ship in “late December”.

Models recalled:

Model Replacement Burners Replacement Lid
SLG2006B Yes No
SLG2006BN Yes No
SLG2006C Yes No
SLG2006CN Yes No
SLG2007A Yes Yes
SLG2007B Yes Yes
SLG2007BN Yes Yes
SLG2007D Yes No
SLG2007DN Yes No
SLG2008A Yes Yes


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