Make Your Own Meat Thermometer

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Nerd Kit meat thermometer

We have a love/hate relationship with meat thermometers around my house.  I hate that none of the ones I own can agree on a temperature and my wife loves to ruin them by submerging them in the sink while she’s doing the dishes (told you I’d write about it!).  It’s time to quit complaining and build my own!

Lucky for fellow Nerds like the staff at GC, there is the Nerd Kit!  The Nerd Kits consist of “electronic parts and wisdom” needed to explore your geeky, electronics side.  The kit looks just like the Motorola 6800 kit (chip and breadboard) I used in Logic Design class in college.  The only problem is that I had the smartest kid in class as my lab partner and he would crank through the assignments the night before, so I didn’t necessarily learn as much as I should have.  As a result, I’m still chewing on their explanation and code for the predictive filter.  Nonetheless, it’s a pretty cool project, complete with sample code.

Watch this video (a few times) to start wrapping your noodle around this project and then head over here to pick up a kit, if you dare:


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