Make Your Own Barbecue Mop!

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I love the site WikiHow.  I always stop by their place on my daily wandering around the World Wide Webernet.  My son and I have done a couple of cool projects based on their ideas and I think I just found another good reason to visit Lowes for materials.  This article demonstrates how to make your own barbecue mop.  Mops are great for all kinds of barbeque (like barbeque chicken), but are also great for basting meat with thinner sauces while grilling.  The mops hold onto the thinner sauces a lot better than your typical brush.  The other thing I love about this particular design (other than it’s cheap to make a few at a time) is that you can remove the mop for cleaning.  Mops are one of those things my wife likes to make disappear while I am at work, usually because they are pretty nasty looking after a few rounds of use.  With this design, I can remove the mop for a more thorough cleaning or just replace the string!

Meander on over to wikihow for the step by step directions here.


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