iPhone Meat Stylus Now, Delicious Snack Later

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Ever had the urge to eat your gadgets?  Maybe out of frustration or pure hunger?  Well now you can eat a part of your gadget collection.  A Korean sausage maker apparently (for reasons unknown) makes a sausage that conducts electricity and they are perfect for use as a stylus in the Winter when gloves make it difficult to operate your touch screen. If you are skeptical that such a thing would actually take off, consider the fact that their sales are UP 40% this Winter.  There are too many inappropriate jokes here, especially given the fact that the product name is “Max Rods”.  If you get your hands on one, grill the thing up once you put your gloves away in the Spring and let us know how they taste.

Via Wired.

Update, here’s a little video clip of the little sausage finger in action:


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