Weber Grillside Chat Videos

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Weber now has a series of “grillside chat” videos with Steven Raichlen and Jamie Purviance.  Honestly, I had never heard of Jamie before these videos, but he has an impressive resume and obviously has some great tips.  Steven is well known around the grill and has written a bunch of great books.  I am primarily a gas griller, but I agree with them that wood should be considered an ingredient.  Of course, wood can be used for smoking on a gas grill as well, but an open fire is probably an even better alternative if you have the time.

The other thing I took away from this video has nothing to do with grilling.  Steven mentions “harpooned swordfish” (which over an open flame sounds awesome, invite me over Steven!).  I immediately flashed back to some fake YouTube video I saw of a guy jumping onto the back of a marlin.  Turns out, harpooning swordfish is an actual activity.  Apparently they must have a habit of sleep-swimming or something, because the video I found had a huge boat idle right up to one while a guy threw a harpoon into his back.  No wonder they were pretty much wiped out from some regions…

But I digress :), check out the videos here on Weber’s site!


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