Grill-It! Version 1.2 and Rating Help

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The newest version of our Grill-It! iPhone app is now available in the app store, upgrade for free now!  We listened to your feedback and improved a few features:

The titles for all of our recipes now wrap and are no longer cut off (oops!).

We added a Latest button to allow you to view all of the latest recipes (updated for FREE every time you launch the app). Weber doesn’t do that!

Once the latest recipes are viewed for the first time, they are automatically removed from the latest list and you can find them in their appropriate category.

Already purchased the app? Thank you. We’d love your help.  Even if you already reviewed a previous version of the app (thanks again!), you can review each updated version.  If you like the app, please take a moment to rate the app in the app store.  Just go to the Grill-It! app using this link.  ITunes will launch and you can scroll down to “rate this application”.  It only takes a few moments and we would really appreciate the help!

Got feedback or suggestions for features?  We’d love to hear about them too.  Send them to


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