Charbroil Big Easy Turkey Fryer

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What?  No oil?  Seriously?  Yeah, seriously.  Don’t believe me?  Check out this “virtual” demo by Charbroil and we can talk more after you are dazzled by the animation:

So yeah, frying with no oil.  The thing even catches the drippings so that you can still make that gravy!  My only question is, how do you call it frying without oil?  I think I’d re brand it as Infrared Meat Cooker or Really Hot Crock Pot, but that’s just me….

Want one?  Go buy it here.  If you still want to use all of that oil you have sitting in the garage, we’ll show you how to make a fried turkey the old-fashioned way over here.  Just don’t use the Big Easy, infrared and oil might go BOOM.


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