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Pesto sauce

Pesto sauce recipe

I use pesto sauce in a lot of grilling recipes, so I figured I'd share how I make it.  This is a slight variant on the pesto sauce from Joy of Cooking cook book.  I changed out the choice of cheese and recommend you use toasted pine nuts. Toasting the pine nuts gives an extra nutty flavor.

Chicken Rolled with Prosciutto and Fontina Cheese

Any recipe that involves pounding chicken flat is a winner for me.  For some reason it makes me think of Monty Python.  I'm not sure if there is actually a skit that involved flattening out a chicken with a large frying pan, but there should have been.

In this very easy recipe, we bring togethe...

Pesto Brussels Sprouts on the Grill

Though known as the dread of children everywhere, the Brussels sprouts in this recipe turn out to be quite delicious.  As an adult, I pushed aside my fear to try something new and tried Brussels sprouts recently. They were pretty good, but I new I could make them better.  Enter pesto sauce.  Brus...

Fried ravioli recipe for Thanksgiving

I tried out fried turkey not too long ago and it was wonderful.  But what I didn't mention, is that we decided not to pass on an opportunity to fry up many other delicious bits with all that hot oil prior plunging our turkey in   The de...



Bruschetta is a cool way to let your grill in on the appetizer action.  If you're hosting a party, and your the "grill meister" (or "miser"), then you certainly don't want to farm out appetizers to the kitchen and let someone else in on the action.  Your only choice is to prepare the appetizers on...

Gourmet Pizza on the Grill

We decided to break out the VillaWare Pizza Grill for another round of grilled pizza, this time with a gourmet pizza.  Our gourmet pizza has fresh tomatoes, roasted garlic, oni...

Grilled Pizza Is a Better Alternative to Delivery

Cooking pizza on the grill is a lot easier than you might think. Next time your family is in the mood for pizza, don't pick up the phone and order a greasy delivery pizza. Get the family involved and follow these easy steps to cook a much healthier and cheaper pizza on the grill.