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Shrimp Teriyaki on the Grill

I'm usually a "no shells" guy when it comes to grilled shrimp. I'd prefer to just eat them right off of the stick, all Caveman style and what-not. This shrimp teriyaki marinade contains a lot of sugar though, which tends to caramelize quickly over high heat, so those shells really save the day by p...


Breaded and Grilled Shrimp and Scallops

I'm fortunate enough to live in Florida, so that means we have access to fresh seafood pretty much all year long.  My family especially loves our Gulf shrimp, so I am always looking for a way to switch things up a bit with a new recipe or technique for grilling shrimp.  This is a great technique, ...

Ancho Chili and Cinnamon Shrimp

This one is simple but oh so good.  You can use either shrimp in the shell or peeled, depending on what aspect of the Great Shell Debate you subscribe to.


Spicy Thai Grilled Shrimp

So I have to start this week's recipe with a little rant.  How can it be that a person living in Florida can buy shrimp that was raised on a farm overseas and then shipped here cheaper than shrimp caught about 30 miles away?  No wonder these folks can't make a living shrimping anymore!  So please...