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So I come home from working way too many hours to count and my wife announces that she has made pork chops for dinner.  This is very rare news and I am immediately impressed and somewhat frightened that she figured out how to light the grill.  You see, I am an admittedly typical male that just never even thinks about giving my wife the grilling duties.  So when my wife said she cooked pork chops for dinner, I suddenly felt guilty for working late and leaving her unqualified to cook the pork!  Well long story short (too late), she ended up sticking these poor chops on the ‘George.  That’s the George Foreman “grill” for those of you who didn’t go to college and attempt to cook everything on this device.  I use “grill” lightly because like my wife did for dinner this night, most people stick an unsuspecting hunk of meat in this waffle iron like device, close the lid and proceed to completely dry out whatever was unfortunate enough to end up between the heating plate.  Yes, I am eating pork jerky for dinner, but it’s not my wife’s fault!

So here I am looking for inspiration of the grilling kind for my wife.  I stumbled upon this article from LifeSpy that profiles some pretty awesome sites maintained by grilling girls.  My favorite (for some reason unknown 🙂 ) is Girl on Grill Action.  These ladies have some kick-arse photography on their site and obviously are having a great time grilling.

So bottom line, I am a changed man.  I will no longer shut my wife out of the grilling duties.  I will educate, I will encourage, I will smile and bathe her first few creations in enough sauce that they will be almost edible.  I’ll start my rebirth as a supportive and equal opportunity grill master by sending my wife over to these sites for some inspiration…as soon as I can choke down the rest of this chop.

Read more about girls grilling and check out the link for women’s grilling accessories.


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