Bush’s Baked Bean Site, with No Recipes?

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Bush’s baked beans just lauched a new site called GrilledAndLonely.  At first glance, this site seemed like a great idea.  You choose your protein and then choose your “seeking” (though still not sure what any of those mean, other than “spice” and “sweet”).  What you then get is a recommended recipe using (wait for it…) Bush’s baked beans.  The problem I see here though is there are no actual recipes.  For example, if I choose “steak” and “spice”, one of my favorite combos, I get a Sizzlin’ Summer Salsa recommendation.  Sounds awesome, so I click on it and I get a description of the salsa.  I can see it contains jalapenos, frozen corn, etc., but no directions to actually make the salsa.  Weird.

Maybe I am missing something.  Play around with grilledandlonely.com and let me know if you figure out how to get anything but a $5 coupon…


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