BBQ Pitmasters, the Whole Hog

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Episode 2 of the BBQ Pitmasters series aired last night.  We talked about Myron breaking all of the rules we knew about BBQ last week and still winning.  Did Myron win this week?  Yeah, he won some money with his whole hog.  The whole hog competition is the biggest challenge in competitive BBQ and Myron seems to have that category cornered as well (don’t believe me?  Ask Myron).  Last night’s show featured Wood Chick’s first foray into the whole hog world.  How hard is this challenge?  Well, start with a hog the size of an average man, inject it with about 8 gallons of injection, rub it down with a few pounds of our secret rub and then wrap it in enough aluminum foil to wallpaper your office.  At that point, you are ready to smoke the thing.  Oh yeah, that part takes around 20 hours or so and you better not go to sleep because you need to keep that smoker going at around 250 the entire time!

The other highlights to last night’s show was the confusing mix of having 2 different competitions on the same day, Memphis and Kansas City.  The Memphis competition has the added challenge of having the judges come to each camp for a presentation.  Apparently, our BBQ Masters didn’t have a lot of experience with this style competition and most of them were pretty flustered.  They also has the Kansas City blind tasting box going on at the same time, so they had to scramble to get their boxes done once the judges left their camps.  Who won what?  I don’t know, you’ll have to watch the end because the rundown is pretty confusing.  Even though Wood Chicks didn’t do too well with her first hog, they pulled out an overall placing.

Other highlights?  Plenty of cussing by Myron (lot’s of “a$$” mentioned in this one) and Trigg close to getting in a fight with a drunk guy, who he later won $100 off of in a bet.  I’m sure the drunk guy is saying “oh, that’s what happened!” this morning because he was pretty much hammered and I don’t think he remembered much about those days at the competition…

Here’s another clip from the show, showing Myron’s amazing rig and more of his trash talking.


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