BBQ Pitmasters Episode 3 Recap

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Episode 3 of the BBQ Pitmasters show on TLC aired last night.  The teams were in Decatur Alabama this week, at the Riverfest competition.  Myron cussed a lot again this week and was particularly fond of the word “damn”.  Who could blame him though?  Someone (Paul the Rookie) took his damn secret, using damn muffin tins, and that’s a damn shame.

A lot of people used new recipes this week and it paid off for Tuffy from Cool Smoke, who placed first in the brisket category with a recipe he tried for the first time the day of the competition.  Tuffy tried injecting and marinating his brisket this time and that was obviously the winning competition.  Trigg won first place in ribs and our Rookie Paul placed dead last, again.  Trigg let us in on a good secret to his rubs, there is no secret.  He actually doesn’t make his own, interesting.

Paul’s had a rough series so far, with broken down gear, sleeping while his fire burned out and too many last place finishes.  He seemed to be questioning whether he wanted to compete at the end of this episode.  He took some time before this latest competition to fine-tune his recipes and try them out on his restaurant patrons.  His new rib recipe seemed to be a big hit, but unfortunately the judges didn’t agree.  His luck turned even uglier last night and we’ll never know if his use of Myron’s secret paid off since they were too late to turn in their chicken…damn…

Here’s a clip showing Paul’s frustration with his level of competition thus far as a Rookie:

Another bit of drama unfolded when the competition committee cut people’s power for 30 minutes while they replaced a breaker.  Since most of our cooks were already smoking, it didn’t effect them much.  However, Lee Ann’s cooker has an electric rotisserie, which just happened to stop with the brisket directly over the flame when the power went out.  Usually this would be disaster for a “slow and low” cooker, but she actually placed with that piece of meat.  Looks like someone else will be trying a new technique next week.  It’s better to be lucky than good! Here’s a clip:


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