BBQ Pitmasters, American Royal Invitational Preview

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Don’t forget to tune in to TLC tonight at 10 EST for a new episode of BBQ Pitmasters.  This week’s episode finds the teams at the American Royal Invitational Barbecue. Tuffy from Cool Smoke makes a crucial mistake and forgets to put the sauce on his pork.  Will the mistake ruin his chances at placing in the competition?  If you don’t want to know, stop watching the video below at 1:20!  If you’ll recall, we’ve been here before.  Tuffy had no confidence in his new, untested brisket recipe in Decatur (not giving the ending away, just sayin’).  He ended up placing first in brisket, so at this point I would say Tuffy’s BBQ skills are like my golf skills, they decline the more I think about my swing.  Maybe Tuffy should borrow from my approach to golf, just drink a few beers, watch everyone else take things way too seriously and let whatever happens, happen….

Also on this episode, struggling rookie Paul asks veteran Trigg for advice.  Given Trigg’s grumpy nature, that ought to be interesting…


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