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grilling sirloin steak

Grilling Steak, Step by Step

March 28th, 2009

  Last week we talked about how to grill a perfect hamburger by focusing on technique.  This week we’ll keep focusing on grilling technique and walk step by step through grilling steaks like an expert.  You see, a lot of people really over-think grilling steaks.  I have had some really elaborately prepared beef jerky grilled […]

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Rosemary Sirloin Steak

October 11th, 2008
Posted in Beef, Recipes, Steak

As we have said before about filet mignon and new york strip, steaks don’t really need much help in the taste department.  Less is more when it comes to steak, but sometimes it’s nice to mix things up a bit.  Rosemary is a great spice for the grill.  Most soft spices will burn quickly on […]

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