Cooking Method: Sauces


Grilled Mojo Pork Chops

I am a Tampa, Florida Native and Cuban food is something that I crave on a bi-weekly basis. Inspiration finds us at the strangest time. I vowed that Mojo pork would be the first meal I cooked once I felt like eating anything other than Saltine crackers. So here we are, my quick and easy recipe for ...


Grilled Teriyaki Pork Chop

Teriyaki is the name of a cooking style that involves grilling or broiling food with Teriyaki sauce, according to Wikipedia. According to me and my kids, Teriyaki is grilling deliciousness. And one of my favorite ways to cook a pork chop is a Teriyaki pork chop. The salty, sweet flavor of the soy...

Teriyaki Sauce Ingredients

Teriyaki Sauce Recipe for Grilling

Teriyaki sauce is REALLY easy to make if you have the right ingredients on hand. If you don’t have the right ingredients on hand…well, that is another article. And the great thing about Teriyaki sauce is that it can be used on a large number of dishes. Traditionally, Japanese use this mostly ...


Za’atar Recipe on Grilled Pita

I just came back from Israel and now find myself addicted to this amazing spice blend called za’atar (the apostrophe is silent). I was first introduced to it on the streets of Old Jerusalem, where we enjoyed it at an outdoor cafe sprinkled on fresh and warm Jerusalem bread. I wasn’t sure if it...


Easy Bourbon Barbecue Sauce

When I am feeling saucy though, this bourbon barbecue sauce recipe is really simple to throw together.  Bourbon, ketchup and brown sugar form the base.  If I have everything listed below in the cupboard, then great.  If not, I make the base and then add and taste until I get the results I am afte...

Pesto sauce

Pesto sauce recipe

I use pesto sauce in a lot of grilling recipes, so I figured I'd share how I make it.  This is a slight variant on the pesto sauce from Joy of Cooking cook book.  I changed out the choice of cheese and recommend you use toasted pine nuts. Toasting the pine nuts gives an extra nutty flavor.


Four Roses Bourbon Barbecue Sauce

I would be lying if I claimed to spend a lot of time making barbecue sauces. The truth is, I usually just buy bottled sauces at the store when I am making barbecue. Sometimes I get crazy and mix sauces, add stuff to them, etc. It may not sit well with some barbecue purists, but I happen to think the...

Bacon Chipotle BBQ Sauce

Chipotle Bacon BBQ Sauce

BBQ sauce isn't hard to make.  But because of the amount of different ingredients involved, it does take some time and can leave your kitchen a bit messy.  But it is worth it.  It is so satisfying to mix all this stuff together, tweak a bit here and there, and wind up with a sauce that you're pro...

Red Snapper with Wasabi Avocado Sauce

Grilled Red Snapper with Wasabi Avocado Sauce

In this recipe I grill up some fresh red snapper and top with a tasty wasabi and avocado sauce. Red snapper is a great fish for grilling.  Its firm, mild white flesh can be grilled with the skin on, which keeps it from falling apart when cooking.

Grilled Chicken Sandwich with Goat Cheese and Balsamic Reduction

Goat Cheese Chicken Sandwich with Balsamic Reduction

This was the best chicken sandwich I've ever made.  Hands down.  Everything turned out great and came together perfectly.  The chicken was moist, 'cause I followed the basic instructions for grilling chicken breasts.  And the...