Cooking Method: Brined


Quick Brined Pork Chops Recipe

Brining is a process that actually hydrates the cells of the meat, creating a really juicy and tender cut of meat for the grill. But wait, doesn’t that take a long time? I don’t have 12 hours here, I need to get dinner going! Well, that’s what makes this brined pork chops recipe so great! ...

Beer Brined Grilled Chicken

Beer Brined and Grilled Chicken

Beer brined chicken produces a really great tasting, juicy and tender grilled chicken.  We include a simple rub to give it a little more barbecue taste.


How to Brine a Turkey

If you are going to smoke, grill, or fry a turkey (yes, even if you are going to roast it in the oven), it pays to brine the turkey first.   The turkey will be more moist, and by choosing some good aromatic herbs to add to...

roast pork loin on grill

Brined and Grilled Pork Loin Roast

If you have never brined your meats before cooking, you don't know what juicy and tender is all about! Brining is the trick many professional cooks use to produce tender and juicy meats. I first tried brining with my last Thanksgiving turkey and I felt like immediately calling every former Thanksgiv...