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Grilled Cheese Recipes

A grilled cheese sandwich can be taken to a whole new level just by selecting some nice cheeses, something other than Wonder bread and a few other little extras.


Grilled Corn and Black Bean Salsa

We have entered the Summer months, where corn might as well be free.  I just go back from the store where you can now buy 12 ears for $3.  I don't even know how you can ship it that cheap, given the fact that I am in Florida.  My kids love "corn sticks" so we eat a LOT of corn on the cob during t...

Grilled Veggie Torte

Grilled Veggie Torte

My wife, the vegetarian, rarely gets to benefit from my grilling exploits. You may have noticed, we have a lot more recipes that involve meat than those that don't. So when we go out to eat at one of our favorite restaurants and they have a grilled vegetarian recipe on their menu, you can guess what...


How to Cook Bacon on the Grill

It isn't easy to get good crispy bacon.  Many people that don't know any better cook the bacon at a high temperature and get burned but chewy bacon.  In this post I'll give you a quick run down on what I've found works.  And yes, since this is a grilling site, we'll do it on the grill.


Ginger and Soy Glazed Chicken Breast Skewers

Who doesn't like meat on a stick? It's meat...with a handle! I watch that Bizarre Foods show and from that show alone have determined that there must be something psychological about skewering meat that will make people eat just about anything. "Scorpions? Uh, I don't know…oh, they are on a st...

Golden brown cornbread in a cast iron skillet on the grill

Cornbread Recipe for the Grill

With my (almost*) new cast iron skillet, I knew one of the first things I wanted to try was my mom's cornbread recipe.  I knew if I didn't use it to mak...

grilled salsa

Grilled and Smoked Salsa with Roasted Pablano and Red Peppers

My wife, obviously delirious from toddle-induced insomnia, decided to challenge me to a salsa competition this morning.  It is Labor Day and we had a cook-out to go to later in the day, so we knew we would have some impartial judges available in the afternoon.  I can't pass up a good challenge, so...


Grilled Potato Salad with Ranch and Bacon

Tired of the same old potato salad?  Maybe you are and like me, looked up a bunch of recipes that had more ingredients for the sauce than in the rest of the salad combined?  I tend to skip right past those recipes, especially if I waited until the last minute (again) to try and plan a side dish. ...



Bruschetta is a cool way to let your grill in on the appetizer action.  If you're hosting a party, and your the "grill meister" (or "miser"), then you certainly don't want to farm out appetizers to the kitchen and let someone else in on the action.  Your only choice is to prepare the appetizers on...

Semi Homemade Coleslaw

Semi Homemade Coleslaw

Starting with store-bought ingredients you can make a pretty kick-butt coleslaw dressing with a little creativity and a few spices from the pantry.  My concoction changes just about every time I make coleslaw and I keep telling myself I am going to write it down one day.  Well, today wasn't that d...