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Worcestershire Sauce, Easy for You To Say

January 6th, 2010

I know it’s only been in the US since Lea and Perrins brought it over from the UK in 1837, but it’s about time we get it right.  It’s been a problem for far too long.  I myself used to mumbled my way through it like this fella:

Not this year though.  It’s “worse-ta-sure“.  I think “worse-ta-sheer” is also acceptable, but never, EVER, “war-chester-shire“.  As a matter of fact, that may be a New Year’s resolution I can stick with for 2010.  I am now making it my mission to educate people and finally eradicate WarChesterShire from the English language.  Who’s with me?

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6 Responses




Just found this! lol…too funny and I agree….




That was enlightening!




That’s funny. I saw heard a cook say that on Diners, Dive-ins and Dives, with Guy Fieri and the cook said “WarChesterShire” and Guy was like “That’s how you say it, huh?” he was like “Yeah”. I’ve never heard it like that until that show. It was really funny.


John Kitchen


Although the guy in the commercial does pronounce the name of the county correctly, real Englishmen ignore the ‘shire’ part and simply pronounce it ‘Wuster’ – the ‘u’ being as in ‘nut’. however it is pronounced, it’s great. (As Americans can’t pronounce Derby or Alnwick properly, who cares?)




My south african hubby always said “wuster” sauce, but no one here in North America knew what on earth he was talking about. So now he painfully has to draw out “wor-chest-er-shur” sauce to make himself understood, as he can’t eat a cooked breakfast without it… you gotta say what you gotta say.

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